Monday, January 30, 2012

My Customade Reception Hijab and Veil.

Halu everybody!

How's the day treating u?Hope everything is good. Mine is very very good plus very very hectic! My schedule is full with so many activities esp regarding wedd preps n we gonna have our Kursus Kawen next week! **me likey, coz it is such a very long time we didnt see each other. Rindu okay**.

Orait, lets get back to the topic. It's bout my reception hijab and veil. Both my hijab and veil for reception will be inspired by FarahAF's solemnization veil.Again. Hihi. Coz I admire hers soo muchas! It looks so pure.

So, during CNY holiday, I have met with the designer, which is my ex-schoolmates, ANnuur Nadia, such a gorgeous designer. (pls refer the third picca. She is Very pretty aite?). We have discussed all the things and so far I am satisfied. And and, I got an affordable price. Yippe! *jump jump* plus, my wedding day will fall on her birthday and she said, she will do her very best for my veil n hijab as her birthday present too. Owh, me touching. Hiks.

And yeah, the length of my veil is not that long like Farah's. Mine is just paras pinggang only (upper than paras pinggang I guess) *bwah sikit drp tali bra* =P. I dont prefer long veil bcoz, the train of my reception dress is already long maaa, so enuff la for my bridesmaid to handle my dress train only. Plus, i am not kinda a tall person, kalo train meleret, veil meleret, not that nice to see kan? Kinda crowded. =]. We choose plain, white chiffon silk for the veil. I just cant wait to see the outcome. All i know now is 'tak sabar' okay. =]

*Ya ALLAH permudahkanlah jln jodoh kami, murahkanlah rzeki kami, jauhi kami drp prasangka buruk dan fitnah manusia serta bahagiakanlah kami agar kami kekal bercinta hingga ke syurgaMU.*



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Qiela said...

cantik okehhh!!!!!

Nina Isofea said...

Qiela : hihi...tula, cntek je farah pkai. Hrp2 sy dpt la cantek gak wlupon sikit.hiks

Anonymous said...

confirm cantik tu Nina and amin untuk your doa (=

Nina Isofea said...

Wii: amin amin.hihi..tq dear!

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