Sunday, February 26, 2012

Dearest Gorgeous Bridesmaids/Dayangs

Assalam ladies!

How was ur weekend?haha, mine is super duper good.

Guess what, while writing dis entry I am in the Dewan Seminar,  located in the State Mosque of Pahang the place where I attend  Kursus Kawen. *ngee, sempat lg kan. Panggg* n beloved EA is now also  attending Kursus Kawen but he is far away there in Kedah.  =)

Okay, dis time wanna update the kain dat I have bought to beloved bridesmaids/dayangs plus for my family members too.

So, the kain I bought is of course tiffany blue chiffon  (refer to the 1st picca above). Cantik tak?

And the rest of the pictures are the examples of the bridesmaids in tiffany blue chiffon (except the last pic which is satin).. I just love seeing those BM in tiffany blue, so sweet aite? And it will  definitely distinguish the BM from the bride kan? *itu plg penting so dat the bride won't tenggelam *.hihi

The kain was bought in Alamoda. *hrga boley tahan,  but just closed my eyes demi beloved BM and demi mencantikkan majlis nt. Peace!*

So, by next week I will distribute all the kains to those people. The design is up to them. *I wont paksa them utk buat this n that design*. So, everyone will be happy with their own fav design aite? And yeah, y do I choose chiffon? For me, chiffon symbolizes classy n elegance. *cewahhh*. Plus, chiffon ni kinda like evergreen kan kan? =) (correct me if i'm wrong) hihi.

So gorgeous, I have plus minus 3 months to go. Uwarghh, to tell u the truth I just can't wait to be EA's wifey! Seriously I am.

*Ya ALLAH yA TUHAN kami, permudahkanlah jln jodoh kami, murahkanlah rezeki kamj, jauhi kami drp khianat dan hasad dengki manusia serta bahagiakanlah kami agar kekal bercinta hingga ke syurgaMU*



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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My Giant Paper Rose


How r u doin ladies n all beloved readers?

Orait, lets have a look at my giant paper rose. Huahuahuaaa, dis giant paper rose haaaaa has taken almost 3 hours for me to complete it. Yeah, for only ONE giant rose (as shown in the picture), I need almost 3 hours! Wuwuwuw. ! Maybe sbb 1st time buat kot kan? After it was done, I feel xde la susah sgt, cume it needs extra patient when shaping and combining all those giant petals. And once I have finished it, phewwwwww what a relief.  Sakit belakang, bontot and etc u know =] and for sure I feel SATISFIED. At least nmpk la bunga ros aite?not a tulip, not a daffodile etc. Hihi

Oh yaa,  dis giant rose is actually one of my props for my pre wedd photoshoot. And the saddest thing is, the material used which is crepe paper is very very very very fragile. Why do I say so? Sbb nya..dis rose we sempat guna for a few moment je masa photoshoot tu, after these n those people pegang2, sentuh2 the petals, terus jd lembik. Huhu. So, moral of the story, I think next time I should use another type of crepe paper (yg tekstur nye keras sikit tu).  As we all know, ade 2 types of crepe paper kan? (correct me if I'm wrong) hihi.

By the way, I'm somehow satisfied with my DIY giant rose (eventho xdela gojes sgt kan), but EA ckp : "u are so creative la syg"

Gagagaga, perasan plak sekejap. And for those interested to DIY dis giant rose, u may go to this link : . Have a try babe!

*Ya ALLAH Ya Tuhanku, permudahkanlah perjalanan jodoh kami, murahkan rezeki kami, jauhi kami drp khianat dan hasad dengki manusia serta bahagiakanlah kami agar kekal bercinta hingga ke syurgaMU*



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Monday, February 13, 2012

Sampai mati aku x kan maafkan kamu

Maaf, entry yg mmg tiada kaitan langsung dgn wedding preps.
I just wanna express my deep UPSET, my infinity FRUSTRATION.
To those who may concern, sampai mati saya x kan maafkan kamu.
Krn kamu telah meletakkan pasir dlm periuk nasi aku. Terima kasih.

*Ya ALLAH beri aku kekuatan utk aku melalui sebuah perjalanan yg masih pjg dan berliku ini. Hanya ku pohon, sentiasa payungi aku dan org2 yg ku syg di bwh rahmat&kasihMU. Aku serahkan hidup matiku hnya pdMU*.


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Friday, February 10, 2012

My Official Photographer of Honour

Assalam all!

Sick of seeing too many piccas in this entry haaa?hihi. I dont care by the way. =)

Just wanna share with u people, this amazing OP has made me fallen in love with every single snap of his artwork.

Who is he? He is ayienazri. I used to call him 'abe ayie'. A photog from Kelantan. And I have officially booked him for my big day. He will cover our solemnization, reception and outdoor as well. *hurrayy*.

He is an easy-going, and negotiable as well. Thanks ALLAH. And most importantly, he is very creative. Just go thru all the piccas above; arent they awesome? Amazing isnt? I dont know what other people think, but if u ask me, I love them all. Very much. Especially for every details he snapped.  They are all attractive. Ouh, I just cant wait to be 'in-action' with this photog. Hihi.

Here's his blog link :

Okay done with the story of OP, next entry will be the story of OV pulak ye. Ade crita x best sikit ttg OV, later I'll update yep.

Footnote: to those particular people, I know u are laughing at us. I know some of u are keep gossiping bout us. I know u keep questioning yourselves. I know everything u are talking about. U keep stalking my blog, then spreading it over. Please lahh, kerja jodoh, ajal, these are all kerja ALLAH.not you.not me.not us. Yes, my future husband x kaya harta n x hebat pun, tp cukup lah dia mempunyai ciri seorang suami yg sy cari. A husband who could take a very good  care of me, make me happy, direstui family and most importantly, dia kurniaan drp ILAHI. It is not me who choose him to be my husband, it is ALLAH who chooses him for me. Mengerti?

*Ya ALLAH ya TUHAN kami, permudahkan perjalanan jodoh kami, murahkan rezeki kami, jauhi kami drp sifat khianat dan dengki manusia serta bahagiakanlah kami agar kekal bercinta hingga ke syurgaMu*



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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wordless Wednesday : Reception Shoes

Assalam gorgeous, nothing much to say.
Just wanna show u my reception shoes. Hihi *x surprised lngsung i nih kan, men tunjuk je*
It is unplanned anyway. I was 1st deciding to customade my reception shoes with amy (absolutelygorgeousbyamy) but then it was such a frustration when amy said the material that i need for the shoes is not available in their stock which is lace. Yes, I admired white lace shoes since long time ago! Wuwuwu, so sad that I couldnt have one for my very own wedding. I may, but amy said I need to get the lace by myself then only she will make it for me. I'm pretty sure that I wont have much time to look for the lace. I repeat, I DONT HAVE TIME. Uwaaa but it's okay lah bcoz i 've found another shoes! Hurrayy. *teethy smile*

It is not me who found the shoes by the way. It is my beloved EA. He is the one who saw this shoes.hihi. Lap u abg! And FYI, he got a very high taste when it comes to women stuff especially my stuff. When I asked him why he would like me to wear this shoes. He said : "kaki syg nampak sexy pakai heels ni". Auw. Sweet EA! =)

So ladies, what says u? Ok x kasut ni? =)

*Ya ALLAH Ya TUhan kami, permudahkanlah perjalanan jodoh kami, murahkan rezeki kami, jauhi kami drp prasangka buruk dan fitnah manusia serta bahagiakanlah kami agar kekal bercinta hingga ke syurgaMU*


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Monday, February 6, 2012

White Suit for my Handsome Husband ;-)

Hi bloggerverse!

How's ur day? Was that good? Mine is super duper tiring but enjoyable since I am now with beloved Mr.Fiance aka EA *dah lama x dating tau*.

It is not dating anyway instead we are hunting for brg hantarans, n alhamdulillah, everything is almost done. Will update bout this hantarans thingy later yep?

Lets talk about groom's attire on our big day. Like a bride, a groom should also look stunning and awesome on that historical day aite? Therefore, we have decided to customade the suit for groom. Meaning to say, we have chosen our trustworthy designer and tailor for the groom's suit. So, the suit for my beloved EA will be inspired by all the three piccas above ; white suit. Handsome isn't? And I 'm pretty sure that EA will be much much more handsome wearing that white suit  than the people in the piccas.hahah!

Ouh yeah, the person that we put our trust on for this white suit is Uncle Kiau Mui, he is the the specialist tailor for men's attire. Yes, any men's attire. And, the white suit costs RM 460. We let him to choose the materials for the suit. So the cost o RM 460 is including the materials + tailoring cost. By this coming March, Mr.Kiau Mui asked EA to see him for final fitting. *How I  Wish he will look charming than I imagine,* hihi.

*Ya ALLAH ya TUHANKU, permudahkanlah perjalanan jodoh kami, murahkanlah rezeki kami, jauhi kami drp fitnah dan prasangka buruk manusia serta bahagiakanlah kami agar kekal bercinta hingga ke syurgaMU*



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