Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My Giant Paper Rose


How r u doin ladies n all beloved readers?

Orait, lets have a look at my giant paper rose. Huahuahuaaa, dis giant paper rose haaaaa has taken almost 3 hours for me to complete it. Yeah, for only ONE giant rose (as shown in the picture), I need almost 3 hours! Wuwuwuw. ! Maybe sbb 1st time buat kot kan? After it was done, I feel xde la susah sgt, cume it needs extra patient when shaping and combining all those giant petals. And once I have finished it, phewwwwww what a relief.  Sakit belakang, bontot and etc u know =] and for sure I feel SATISFIED. At least nmpk la bunga ros aite?not a tulip, not a daffodile etc. Hihi

Oh yaa,  dis giant rose is actually one of my props for my pre wedd photoshoot. And the saddest thing is, the material used which is crepe paper is very very very very fragile. Why do I say so? Sbb nya..dis rose we sempat guna for a few moment je masa photoshoot tu, after these n those people pegang2, sentuh2 the petals, terus jd lembik. Huhu. So, moral of the story, I think next time I should use another type of crepe paper (yg tekstur nye keras sikit tu).  As we all know, ade 2 types of crepe paper kan? (correct me if I'm wrong) hihi.

By the way, I'm somehow satisfied with my DIY giant rose (eventho xdela gojes sgt kan), but EA ckp : "u are so creative la syg"

Gagagaga, perasan plak sekejap. And for those interested to DIY dis giant rose, u may go to this link : http://greenweddingshoes.com/diy-giant-paper-rose-flower/ . Have a try babe!

*Ya ALLAH Ya Tuhanku, permudahkanlah perjalanan jodoh kami, murahkan rezeki kami, jauhi kami drp khianat dan hasad dengki manusia serta bahagiakanlah kami agar kekal bercinta hingga ke syurgaMU*



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nuha hayati said...

nina, sama la idea kita. nuha pon nak guna giant rose utk pre-wed nanti. crepe dah beli tapi xtahu bile nak nampak hasil. he..

Nina Isofea said...

Hihi...cpt buat nuha, nt penat.hihi...nina penat sbb 1st time buat kot...tp kne hati2 nuha, sbb ia kn crepe paper, very fragile, kne air setitik pon dah jd lembik petal die.hihi..gudluck syg!

S.n.Fariza said...

:) kreatif. all the best

Nina Isofea said...

Fariza : hihi,tqvm dear!

ni@ @in said...

akhirnye menjadi gak..cantik..hehehe..
xsbr nk tgk pic pre wed nina(^__^)

Nina Isofea said...

Ain : tula, akhirnye menjadi gak. Tp xdela gojes mana, sesuai la dgn level amatur yg nina ade, hihi..tp bunga ni sempat guna utk beberapa snap picture je, sbb hri hujan, asek kene titisan ujan terus lembik bunga ni huhu

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