Sunday, February 26, 2012

Dearest Gorgeous Bridesmaids/Dayangs

Assalam ladies!

How was ur weekend?haha, mine is super duper good.

Guess what, while writing dis entry I am in the Dewan Seminar,  located in the State Mosque of Pahang the place where I attend  Kursus Kawen. *ngee, sempat lg kan. Panggg* n beloved EA is now also  attending Kursus Kawen but he is far away there in Kedah.  =)

Okay, dis time wanna update the kain dat I have bought to beloved bridesmaids/dayangs plus for my family members too.

So, the kain I bought is of course tiffany blue chiffon  (refer to the 1st picca above). Cantik tak?

And the rest of the pictures are the examples of the bridesmaids in tiffany blue chiffon (except the last pic which is satin).. I just love seeing those BM in tiffany blue, so sweet aite? And it will  definitely distinguish the BM from the bride kan? *itu plg penting so dat the bride won't tenggelam *.hihi

The kain was bought in Alamoda. *hrga boley tahan,  but just closed my eyes demi beloved BM and demi mencantikkan majlis nt. Peace!*

So, by next week I will distribute all the kains to those people. The design is up to them. *I wont paksa them utk buat this n that design*. So, everyone will be happy with their own fav design aite? And yeah, y do I choose chiffon? For me, chiffon symbolizes classy n elegance. *cewahhh*. Plus, chiffon ni kinda like evergreen kan kan? =) (correct me if i'm wrong) hihi.

So gorgeous, I have plus minus 3 months to go. Uwarghh, to tell u the truth I just can't wait to be EA's wifey! Seriously I am.

*Ya ALLAH yA TUHAN kami, permudahkanlah jln jodoh kami, murahkanlah rezeki kamj, jauhi kami drp khianat dan hasad dengki manusia serta bahagiakanlah kami agar kekal bercinta hingga ke syurgaMU*



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S.U.R.I.A. said...

tantek yer turqoise

My Life's Journey said...

wahhhhh cantik2 ..warna turqoise memang menawan dear ..muahhhh

nuha hayati said...

nuha pon berangan nk ada ramai BM..tapi macam xde orang nak layan :(

skieyn said...

dear.. same la.. my bridesmaid pun pakai warna tu jugak.. i beli kat jakel

Nina Isofea said...

Suria : kan? Soft n sweet je kaler ni
Umi : tq syg..umi, nina nk tgk gmbr mjlis tunang umi...excited ni! Msti gojes
Nuha : nina paksa diorg!hehehe
Skieyn: eh, kite sama eh..gimme 5! Sweet kan kaler ni

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