Thursday, January 26, 2012

A blessing

Assalamualaikum ladies.

1st of all, I would like to thank ALLAH for everything.

Yes, dis entry comes with lotsa piccas **sorry**

I wont talk much. Let the piccas tell the story.

All I want to say is THANK YOU ALLAH. thank u for this blessing.

For those who know our love story (especially our family n my bestie "kak pah"), u know how hard we have gone through,hoW difficult our relationship is, how challenging it is, u name it. Nobody knows except these people.

And finally we reached this stage after keep hiding it for quite sometimes.

The reason (s) ? Cukup lah family shj yg tahu. Rakan terdekat shj yg tahu. (thank u kak pah for being my very most understanding friend)

Most importantly, everything went well. ALHAMDULILLAH.

I would call it a 'blessing'. The feeling is different when it comes together with family's blessing. I never felt this kinda feeling before. It is a wordless feeling. Tears were running down my cheek after the ceremony ended.

I was thinking: Is this true? Or is it just a dream? I slapped myself. Yes, I am not dreaming.

Tears will  surely be running down everytime I think bout dis.

The obstacles that we have been through will turn out to be a miracle.

Thank you ALLAH! Thank u for this BLESSING.

Thank u mak n ayah for being very supportive.

Thank you my sisters n brothers for being very protective.

Thank u my bestie kak pah for being very understanding.

And not to forget thank u my beloved fiance for being with me at anytime i need u!

P/s : the date of the big day will be revealed later. It is confirmed, but I think not now. One fine day, I will reveal it. For the sake of many people.

       : It was just a very very simple ceremony. No official photographers, no beautiful dais, no pretty and awesome oufit. Everything was simple, but with loads of blessings and happiness. What a day for us!

*Ya ALLAH, permudahkanlah perjalanan jodoh kami, murahkanlah rezeki kami, jauhilah kami drp prasangka buruk dan fitnah manusia serta bahagiakanlah kami agar kami kekal bercinta hingga ke syurgaMU*



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My Life's Journey said...

Taniah dear .. moga segalanya berjalan dengan lancar ..amin :)

cantik nina dalam gambar ..berseri2 :) ..chak!!!

Nina Isofea said...

Umi : tq babe.hihi..cantik dlm gambar je, kat lua gambar, out!hihihihi....

nuha hayati said...

congrats nina! happy for u

Nina Isofea said...

Tq nuha! *hugs* doakan dipermudahkan langkah seterusnya

sarahhernyzar said...

dear congrats. tahniah tahniah. wah sgt terharu. adui. me dunno la. let the wind blow.. blow together with this sadness. hehe.

Nina Isofea said...

Sara: tq darling..sbr ya? Nina fhm ape yg sara rasa. Setiap kesulitan yg ALLAH bg dia akan gantikan dgn kesenangan insyaALLAH

cikpia said...

congratulations!!!! tak sabar nak tunggu dapat kad jemputan.....

*konon2 orang tu nak jemput la kan....*

Nina Isofea said...

Cik pia : tq dear..oww, noty ye. Mesti la nina jemput, cubit idung kang.hihi..tunggu yep!

Mak cik leez said...

aik ,,,... hari tu u kata dah tunang ? ...
ape pon tahniah...^_^

Nina Isofea said...

Mak cik leez tertinggal keretapi ni...sila baca entry saya yg bertajuk : 'hari ini saya ingin bersuara'..the answer is there. X larat dh nk explain kt cni semula. Sila baca entry tu utk mengelakkan slh phm=] and thank u for the wish

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