Friday, January 27, 2012

Inspirational Raja Sehari outfit

Hii ladies.

Wanna share with u my inspirational Raja Sehari outfit.

The concept for my Bertandang ceremony is Traditional Classic and we choose songket as our persalinan on that day *feeling zmn2 kesultanan Melayu Melaka okay* hihi.

And our outfit will be inspired by those piccas above ;  yellow Songket Bunga Tabur. Picca crdit to my friend, Nuown.

Thank you Nuown for allowing me to tiru this concept n the outfit design. Hihi.Me and EA love it so very much!

And the pelamin also will be inspired by her pelamin,  simple n very nice aite?but it looks somehow classy+classic. Dont u agree ladies?

I just cant wait to have the feeling of Ratu Sehari. Hihi. I bet I will somehow feel very proud putting on such evergreen persalinan.

And ya, thanks again to Nuown n hubby for ur willingness to lend us all the acessories. Hihi. *sungguh sy x sbr* The bertandang ceremony will be held at Dewan Laguna Merbok (DLM) tepi swimming pool I tell u. Hihi.*me excited*. Thank u EA! And it will be held at night. It is more to Dinner Reception. EA has just booked the DLM dis evening. So, it is confirmed. How I wish to pose alongside the swimming pool. Hihi *me berangan lg*

I will upload the picca of DLM in the next entry yap? I need to have my beauty sleep from now onwards. Ok bye.

*Ya Allah, permudahkanlah perjalanan jodoh kami,murahkanlah rezeki kami, jauhi kami drp prasangka buruk dan fitnah manusia serta bahagiakanlah kami agar kekal bercinta hingga ke syurgaMU*



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UyaRayza said...

uya pnye wedding theme pun melayu traditional hehehe

Nina Isofea said...

Yay! Gimme 5! Hihi...feeling rase lain kn klu wt konsep ni. Ecehhh

My Life's Journey said...

wahhhh menarik ..tak sabar nak tengok dear :)

Nina Isofea said...

Umi hihihi.sbr ye dear..hiks...x sbr nk kawen sbenarnye.kikiki..*gatalness*

MizA said...

kak nuown... senior sekolah miza..
:) sgt cantik kalau wedding melayu tradisional. dah ramai sgt buat moden..

Nina Isofea said...

Miza : ouh, what a small world kn?btul tu miza, songket ni evergreen. Cantek!hihi

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