Tuesday, April 3, 2012

1 month and plus plus to go

Assalam darlings.*okay, the title has nothing to do with the pictures above. Hihi. Btw, this is the latest me. Kurus ke?hahah

Okay, today wanna update my wedding checklist. It is another 1 months ++++ to go! By right, everything have been checked and done. And alhamdulillah, so far, it is almost 90-95% done. So, lets check it out babe. =)


Date : 29.5.12 (Tuesday)

Time: 8.30pm

Venue: Home sweet home.

Attire (both bride&groom) : Done

Customade Hijab and veil    : Done

Dais                                              : Done

Heels                                           : pending

Shoes for him                           : Done

Purdah for the dayangs       : Done

Legal documentations           : Done


Date: 30.5.12 (Wednesday)

Venue: Dewan Masjid Hadhari

Time : 10.30 am-5.30 pm

Dress for her                   : in  progress

Customade Hijab + veil : In progress

Reception shoes              : Done

White suit for him           : Done

White shoes for him       : Pending

Dais                                      : Done

Additional hall deco        : Done

Family attire                    : Done

MOH+BM's attire              : Done

Brg hntran                         : Done

Doorgift                              : Done

Invi.card                             : Done

Em cee                                  : Pending

Script for Em cee             : Done

Script for Pengantin      : in progress

Song playlist                      : in progress

Montage                              : in progress

GB+Photobooth corner   : in progress

Candy buffet corner      : in progress

Bridal room                         : Done


Date : 9.6.12

Time : 12noon-5.30pm

Venue: Home sweet Home

Dress for her                       : in progress

Customade hijab+veil       : in progress

Her shoes                               : pending

His shoes                                : pending

Bridal room                            : Done

Dais                                           pending.

Okay darlings, i think it's enough. I just make it general, not too specific. If not, mati la i nak list down every single thing here. Those every single thing mmg I record  but not here. They are all in my wedding organizer. If anyone of u find it is useful for your reference, u may copy this list.  If it doesn't, ignore it, heheh. K till then. Bye.

*Ya ALLAH, permudahkanlah segalanya..rahmatilah rumah tangga yg bakal dibina ini. AMEEN*


Nina Isofea

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nuha hayati said...

majlis nina weekdays??? wow, sangat kagum okeh!

ni@ @in said...

nina...weekdays ek???camno mau pegi n,,,hehehe...

p/s:camne nk book dewan masjid hadhari tu nina???

Nina Isofea said...

Nuha : yep..weekdays, hehe..saje buat weekdays, sbb x nak clash dgn ramai org, sbb biasanya ramai org akan wt weekend, apatah lg cuti skool waktu tu..hihi. My sis before ni pun buat weekdays, alhamdulillah, ok je..heheh..n doakan yg nina punye ni pun ok jgk ye.. =]

Ain : ain bole dtg waktu lunch hour what..uwaaa, ain kene dtg tau! Nk book dewan tu, kbetulan yg in charge dewan tu, kawan ayah nina, so, terus contact direct dgn dia. Ain plan nak buat kt ctu jugak ke?hehe, nina bole bg contact no. Org tu

My Life's Journey said...

wahhhh dear kahwin bulan 5 jugak? wahh mesti best tengok wedding dear nanti ..umi doakan agar segalanya akan berjalan dengan lancar :)

Nina Isofea said...

aah umi bln 5 insyaALLAH..umi pun kawen bln 5 ya.?

Dira said...

wah, banyak da setel.. bestnye!

eh, 1st time kut kite comment kt sini.. hehe salam kenal :)

Nina Isofea said...

dira : alhamdulillah, byk gak dh setel...ehh, u are most welcomed to komen-komen here yunk! Slm kenal =]

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