Monday, May 9, 2011

Of Wedding Concept (Her Reception)

Ok, I wanna start with my wedding concept first. By the way, I have finalized. I have decided. I would choose to have dot dot dot dot wedding. Is it Royal Malay Wedding? Is it Royal English Wedding? Is it Arabian Wedding? Morrocan Wedding? Teheeeeeee..NONE of the above! I have chosen something different. Yes, perhaps it is different. It will be revealed later. (Just to give u surprise darling readers,heeee) Hopefully my chosen concept will give a truly amazing wedding that I've dreamed ever! ngeh3! (Still couldn't stop imagining bout the concept. Make me stop plissssss) =p

p/s : I choose not to reveal  bcoz I am still in the progress of 'designing' the concept..Once the designing process is done, I'll reveal it. Promise! It is still in the sketching process..Like my bestie, Cik Emi, I am also the wedding planner of my very own wedding..bcoz it is hard for me to believe others..ngeh3..'I am sorry...' (sile sebut spt Amir Raja Lawak). 

Till then darlings!

Mode : Sketching..hek hek hek...hopefully my sketching is NOT BAD laaaaaa.. =p peace


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