Monday, May 9, 2011

Of Solemnization Theme

Okay today am gonna talk bout my solemnization theme. At 1st, am deciding to have peachy pink for my solemn outfit, but then, after going thru a discussion with abg, he didnt agree to have peachy pink for our solemn (i am like nak nangesssss tau tgk chiffon beaded kaler peachy pink kat JAKEL KL) was soo000,damn sweet! Tp xpelah, as I am the one that choose the theme colour for HER reception (reception on my side la kan) which is, this is his turn lah to choose our solemn theme.

So...he would like to choose SILVERISH GREY for our solemn. And it is so surprising to hear this from him : "Abg rase silverish grey ni sgt elegant utk akad nikah, sbb pastel colour ni menampakkan ciri2 mewah and only highly taste people would choose this colour".

Wallawehh! x sangka plak org laki bleh ckp gini..Well...., am proud of u lah abg! Mmg ade citarasa lah you ni! teheeeeee..Mana tak nye kan. kalo b2b yg lain, rase nye the groom to be xde hal sgt, ikut je ape yg b2b die nih, no no no la wehhhh..die nak join sekali bab bg opinion2 nih smpai leh gadoh2 pasal nih (gadoh2 manja hokey)..heee, Btw u are so sweet lah darling!. Ok, jum lyn gambar sket.

Here's our Solemn theme.SILVERISH GREY..It looks elegant rite? TQ sayang for ur brilliant idea!

Ok, that's all for now, next time I'll be talking bout the Solemn outfit design. Till Then!


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