Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 in memory

It's 3 hours more before 2013 approaching so lets wrap it up!
Urmm, I'm not gonna put down much words here (sbb saangat sleepy ni,right after taip entry ni mahu terus tidur boleh?xde nk tunggu countdown dah =p )
Okay what is sooo interesting during 2012? A lot. Challenges, tests, joy, laughter, happiness, tears as well as blessings!
Let me sum up. 2012 has been a very wonderful, fabulous year to me; I AM GETTING MARRIED! Most excitingly to THE MOST AMAZING MAN in my life whom I call a HUSBAND... A charming and loving one. Alhamdulillah.

Honestly, this year is the year where we spent a lot of time together; honeymoon-ing, travelling, dating and many moreeeeee! (but until now tak buat2 review semua tu kannnn hee ampun!) And we would like to apologize anyone yg rasa meluat ke, nk muntah ke tgk newsfeed kat Fb yg penuh dgn pics kami. Huahaaa, begitu juga dgn blog ini. Ampun ya? We just wanna share our wonderful moments with y'all guys. So jangan jealoussss kami menggediks ihikss. Thank you abg for keep making me fall into you every now and then. I really enjoy every moment with you during this awesome twenty twelve!

The moments

2012 in love

Haha this one was during our 7th monthsarry celebration. Crazy me. Abg kena buli.

This is the love of my life; my family + family in law. Without them we would not be standing here today as husband and wife. Thank you emak, ayah, mak and abah for keep supporting our marriage when some people are not. I love you I love you I love you *crying*

Last but not least; friends. Those are the faces who have completed my life and they are the ones who have cheered up my 2012. Thank you girls!

Akan saya simpan semua kenangan 2012 dalam hati ni dalam-dalam. Most importantly, ia nya setahun yang sangat indah!
Dear 2013, please be nice to me. (hehe). Semoga dibukakan lebih banyak pintu rezeki untuk kami.
May it turn to be a more glorious year to us! Ameen.

Oh yap, azam tahun baru? Tak mo cakap kat sini. Mahu simpan sendiri-sendiri je. :-)
Happy new year 2013 everyone! *hugsss and kisses*

Nina Isofea

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khadijah said...

Happy new year jugak.. same la ngan dija mesti orang meluat asik upload gambar kat fb je bile jalan jalan ngan en suami :)

Nina Isofea said...

dija ; happy new year darling!Heheh....biar kan lah org meluat dija, sbb bukan salah pun, dah jd suami kite yg halal kan..heeee..kalau meluat jgk, tanda nye jeles letew..lagi kite nak upload byk2 lagi kan..heeee

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